At Rocheleau Custom Homes it all starts with a desire for something unique, something that represents you and your family's lifestyle. We normally start the process with an informal meeting to discuss the customer's needs, desires and budget constraints. We offer a complimentary land consultation to make sure the lot is suitable. After the lot is chosen we start the design stage. It is at this stage we discuss style, size, amenities and budget. If the client does not have a home plan we can recommend a home designer or architectural company. After the plan is complete, a detailed specifications sheet needs to be developed as a guide to the builder and customer. With well thought out plans and specifications, the construction process moves efficiently.

It still never ceases to inspire us to watch the joy shared by our customers when they come by the site and watch their home being built. At times, what they visualized on paper is not exactly what they actually wanted. It is at these times that I hear "Can we change this or that?" This is truly the meaning of a custom home. If it's not how you want it, we'd do what we can to make your custom home ALL you wish it to be.